The Story of Circle Dove Enterprises, Inc.

The inspiration for Circle Dove Enterprises, Inc. (CDE, Inc.) emerged from the personal and professional experiences of Managing Director, Phillip Walker.

As a certified financial planner for a premier corporation serving military members and their families, Phillip Walker consulted with many retired members regarding their financial future and that of their families. Many shared they had a financial plan in place but due to a crisis or age-related circumstance, had crossed a threshold where they no longer knew what that plan was, or had lost control of it. Frequently, they shared that someone else in their life was managing their finances and expressed concern and uncertainty for what was happening.

From these conversations, Phillip recognized a real need in providing services to help a person manage their life, including implementing and sustaining their financial plan according to their personal desires and overall objectives, rather than those of someone else.
Circle Dove was established to allow Phillip and his Life Care team to help seniors and the disabled navigate the complexities of healthcare, social services, and financial planning during emotional and transitional life events.
Circle dove greyscale logo
The Circle Dove logo is a visual
image of what the company represents — a holistic approach to providing personal and continuous life management with compassion, integrity, and wisdom.
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Our Values

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We are an impartial party
acting solely in the best
interest of our clients.
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We are trained professionals
and meet annual continuing
education and certification
requirements. We know the
experts in our community and link our clients to the professionals and resources they may need.
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We do not accept finder’s
fees or receive other compensation from vendors or service providers
we recommend.
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You can count on us to be
there when you need us. No
matter the situation, we are
prepared to help you.
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